Standard Cableteam is a very well known a reputed telecommunication manufacturer providing a complete range of products to cover all the telecom networks installations components.

Our range of products cover all type of cable types :

  • Copper cables (pairs, quads, triads, conductors, …)
  • Copper cables for high frequency services xDSL
  • Multi-tube cables up to 512 optical fibers
  • Optical microcables for blowing installation
  • Connecting cables in both fiber and copper

Also our offer includes multiple configurations:

  • Outdoor plant cables for ducted or underground installation
  • Filled core cables to ensure watertightness
  • Indoor cables with improved fire protection properties
  • Cables for aerial installations
  • Different degrees of reaction to fire depending on installation conditions
  • Mechanical resistance and adaptable to the environment EMC
  • Protection against rodents, termites, hydrocarbons, ....

Our strength lies in our ability to meet demands based on the world's most widespread standards and the ability to offer a product tailored to your specific needs. Send us your particular need and associated requirements to and Standard Cableteam Spain S.L. will provide you with the most suitable and competitive solution.