The technological evolution experienced in the field of telecommunications has meant a continuous evolution in the designs and materials used in the cables. From the traditional paper and pulp cables with lead sheaths to the current designs based on the enormous transmission capacity of optical fiber and special polymers that provide mechanical characteristics, environmental resistance and reaction to fire unimaginable only a few years ago.

Standard Cableteam Spain S.L. has one of the most modern facilities for the manufacture of optical cables with the capacity to produce almost any loose tube design using single-mode fibres G652 D. G655 or G657 of the highest quality. Our portfolio includes telecommunication cables from 1 fibre optic feeder cables for FTTH projects to 512 fibre optic cables for rings and trunk connections as well as multimode fibre cables for specific applications.

With regard to cable configuration, Standard Cableteam Spain has the capacity to produce totally dielectric ADSS cables with aramid or fibreglass reinforcements, cables with metal protections in the form of mesh or armor and cables that incorporate state-of-the-art polymers in the outer sheath in order to provide resistance to specific agents (fire, termites, rodents, UV radiation, etc.).

Our strength lies in our ability to meet demands based on the world's most widespread standards and the ability to offer a product tailored to your specific needs. Send us your particular need and associated requirements to and Standard Cableteam Spain S.L. will provide you with the most suitable and competitive solution.