Standard Cableteam provides cables solutions for a wide range of industries and sectors and for most of the cable standards worldwide. With a current portfolio of more than 10.000 references, in our different manufacturing plants facilities, we are able to provide cable supplies for most of the industries with products from standarised solutions up to any Taylor made solution developed in our R&D facilities to satisfy particular and special demands from our customers.

Our range of products cover all type of cable types and configurations:

  • Copper cables multipair

  • Fiber optic cables

  • Micro fiber optic cables ( microcables

  • Copper and fiber optic connection cables

  • Instrumentation and control cables

  • LV, MV and HV power cables

  • Special cables (resistant to hydrocarbons, fire, etc.)

Send us your particular demand and your requirement to and Standard Cableteam Spain S.L. will provide you with the most suitable and competitive solution.