Medium-voltage cables up to 36 kV account for approximately 30% of the cables installed. After low-voltage cables, this is the most widespread range in the range of power transmission cables.

Although the innovations introduced in medium voltage cables in recent years have been comparatively less than the advances achieved in the field of high and ultra high voltage, for us it remains an essential part of our development program which allows us today to offer our customers the widest portfolio of cables in both copper and aluminum.

Como producto estándar ponemos a disposición de nuestro clientes cables single-core con aislamiento de polietileno reticulado XLPE y seccciones que oscilan entre los 35 y 800 mm2 para un rango de tensión entre 6 / 10 KV hasta 30 KV tanto con coundutor de cobre como de aluminio.

Our strength lies in our ability to meet demands based on the world's most widespread standards and the ability to offer a product tailored to your specific needs. Send us your particular need and associated requirements to and Standard Cableteam Spain S.L. will provide you with the most suitable and competitive solution.