All components, and in particular cables, intended for use in the oil & gas sector must, given the particular and extreme environmental conditions of use, be designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding technical and quality criteria. It is worth mentioning, as the most outstanding points for the different families of cables:

  • Resistance to chemical agents (hydrocarbons). The plastic materials used in the covers must be specially formulated to resist accidental spills of hydrocarbon agents such as oils and petroleum without compromising the integrity of the cables.

  • Reaction to fire. Non-flame propagating and fire-resistant cables capable of continuing to operate in safety circuits during a fire.

  • Environmental resistance to sea water. For off-shore installations or sites close to the coast.

  • Mechanical resistance. Use of metal-plastic covers with steel reinforcements in the form of helical strip or steel wires applied in crown.

  • Resistance to fauna (termites, rodents). Roofs reinforced with corrugated steel ribbons, fiberglass and plastic additives to eliminate the impact of roeadores and termites.

  • EMC Tinned copper shields in the form of a mesh in order to immunize the transmission core against electrical noise.

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