Revilla highlights promising prospects

The president has analyzed with the director of the plant of Maliaño the evolution, the current situation and the plans of future

Revilla has assessed the evolution of the activity and employment of the Camargue factory since it started its activity as Standard Cableteam in October 2014.
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New incorporations in Standard

Standard Cableteam increases its workforce to 45 people after 5 months from the beginning of its activity.

In the last four months, the Standard Cableteam factory has incorporated twenty new workers, so that the company's current workforce is made up of 45 people compared to the initial 25.
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Standar Cableteam starts its activity

After the long and painful process that led to the shutdown and almost disappearance of the historic Maliaño plant, Standard Cableteam Spain begins its activity.

Standard Cableteam resumes its activity in an interesting and complicated way. The former B3 Cable has a total of 25 employees, including technical office staff and machine operators, and one order from Telefónica.
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