Standard Cableteam Spain S.L., in cooperation with other production plants within the Wilms Group, offers you the widest range of data cables available in the market and with quality levels that far exceed those established in the different international standards EIA/TIA, ISO and CENELEC EN.

Data cables are used in analog and digital transmissions at high frequencies up to 1500 MHz and divided into primary (campus or trunk), secondary (riser or vertical cabling) and tertiary (horizontal cabling) structured cabling regulations.

 Our portfolio includes category 5E, 6, 6a, 7 and 7a cables in rigid or flexible conductor versions, for outdoor or indoor installation with PE, PVC or halogen-free ZHLS sheaths, as well as all possible combinations of U/UTP, F/UTP, F/FTP and S/FTP shielding with the possibility of customization for special applications.

Recently, and ahead of the definitive standardization, we have added to our offer category 8 cables with transmission capacities up to 1200 MHz frequency.

Cable U/UTP

Cable F/UTP

Cable F/FTP

Cable S/FTP

In all cases TP stands for 'twisted pair', while U,S and F stand for 'unshielded', 'shielded' and 'foiled' global (at cable level) when placed before the bar and individual (at torque level) when placed behind.