Standard Cableteam Spain S.L. produces in its Maliaño facilities copper cable solutions for each and every one of the areas into which the copper network is divided; backbone network, access network and subscriber network in different configurations:

  • Copper cables for external plant

  • Copper cables for indoor network

  • Subscriber copper cables

  • Special solutions for broadband

Our industrial versatility allows us to undertake designs according to the most widely extended international standards (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, North America, Central America,...) with extensive experience in international projects and customer references in 75 countries throughout the world.

From cables of 4800 pairs to cables of 1 pair insulated in polyethylene, PVC or foam-skin, constructions in pairs and quads, watertight cables with filled core, metal-plastic covers adapted to the different installation environments (rodent resistance, environmental and UV for external plant, reaction to fire and flexibility in the subscriber loop,...) and transmission capacities from Cat 3 to Cat 5 in multi-pair cables.

Our copper cable development center allows us, beyond the theoretical calculation, to design custom cables that fit the needs of each particular customer. This is a real installation, unique in the world, which allows cables to be carried to their limits in ADSL 2+ and VDSL environments in order to achieve a product adapted to each network topology, taking into account the services offered, distances and number of subscribers.