The development in recent years of suburban rail networks, medium distance and high speed lines has generated the need for a line of cables, especially in the field of communications, signaling and remote traffic management, in addition to all related electrification systems.

Railway administrations need tailored cabling solutions in their different networks that can be divided into four main groups:

  • Power supply network directly related to the traction system either in direct current or alternating current up to 25 KV in high speed lines.
  • Red de distribución eléctrica de sistemas auxiliares (iluminación, ventilación, centros de control,..)
  • Telecommunication. Internal and independent network that provides call services between stations, access to LAN / WAN data, video surveillance of stations and platforms, customer information services, etc ...
  • Signalling and remote traffic management including train control, interlocking, location and integrity of units (axle counter systems), light signalling, management of level crossings and replacement of needles and beacon cables for modern ERTMS systems.

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