The concept behind the concept of hybrid cables is that of optimization. Why use several cables when in a single product different elements can be incorporated that satisfy more than one need?

Hybrid cables including fibre optics, copper or aluminium conductors for power distribution, copper pairs for communication are available in Standard Cableteam's portfolio in response to the need to optimise costs of the cable itself, costs associated with installation and space available for laying. Circular, Figure 8 or Trilobular Cables

Likewise, the combination of different technologies makes it possible to take advantage of the advantages of each of them in the same product; for example, a copper cable for signalling or energy transmission that incorporates an auxiliary optical fibre in order to determine, in the event of an accidental cut or theft, the exact point where a repair must be carried out, or an optical fibre cable that incorporates copper conductors in order to electrically feed the interconnection equipment without the need for two specific cabling networks.

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