The so-called instrumentation cables are mainly used in the communication and management systems of industrial processes; chemical plants, oil plants and electrical installations are some of the typical installations where this type of cables are present guaranteeing that the flow of information between the different equipments, essential for the correct operation, control and synchronization of the different machines and processes.

The cables manufactured by Standard Cableteam ensure perfect transmission in this industrial environment through an effective combination of designs and construction elements. Steel wire crowns provide mechanical strength, electromagnetic compatibility through the application of global meshes and individual shields and reaction to fire and chemical resistance provided by specially developed sheath compounds.

 Our strength lies in our ability to meet demands based on the world's most widespread standards and the ability to offer a product tailored to your specific needs. Send us your particular need and associated requirements to and Standard Cableteam Spain S.L. will provide you with the most suitable and competitive solution.